Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cize Meal Plan

Cize Meal Plan

It's that time of the week where I sit down and plan out not only goals for the week but also what I will be eating.  Yes I know it kind of sounds crazy but it works.  How many times do you say to yourself this week is going to be better I'm going to set my alarm and wake up early?  Come Tuesday morning the pizza in the lunch room at work gets the best of you!!  I'm not perfect and those slip ups happen.  MY goal is to share with you a way to have a plan but stick to it as best as you can.  It's easy to get down on yourself and feel like you're in a rut!!  I'm here as you coach to shake you and wake you up and focus more on the solution then the problem. 

So the part of the solution is to have a plan, shop for the foods needed, and prep for the week.  As a busy mom and business owner I rely on shakeology for one complete meal a day that helps my general health all around.  With the rising increase in health care and coverage my goal as the woman of the house that does the cooking is to find recipes the entire family will eat.  I never want to raise kids and talk about "going on a diet".  I want to share with them and you as well how to create a lifestyle.  I will be starting a new workout program from Shawn T as well, called Cize.  It is designed for 30 days to have fun while sweating!!  From the 30 day workout program you can continue on for the more advanced dance moves that go with the base of moves you already learned the first 30 days.  The workouts last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes each day along with an ab workout that is intense (I tried it out already) as a mom that has had 3 C-sections this is a good one and plan on using it a few times a week to strength the core muscles.

This program is for those that need low impact maybe your coming out of an injury and have been cleared that you can workout, pregnant (cleared to do light workouts), have high stress at the office and truly you don't want to think while you workout, you enjoy programs like Zumba or dance.  Shawn T changes it up a bit and for sure is much more relaxed while working out with you.  On average most are burning between 350 to 450 calories during the workouts.

This IS NEW!!  And I will be opening up our very first test group!! You will have the chance to earn 500.00 cash from submitting your before and after pictures.  We all start together and finish together.  Oh and we eat pretty good while getting in shape check out this mornings recipe that fits in the meal plan.
Mix Berry Pancakes!!
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