Friday, July 24, 2015

A trip to remember

 A trip to remember

It’s hard to believe the week went by this fast!!  Last week at this time I was spending the week for the first time in Nashville for an annual coach summit.  I packed my bags as my sister and I headed to Nashville with (5 month old Henry my son) to attend training and live workouts with some of the top trainers in the biz like Shawn T and Chalene Johnson.
  It’s crazy to think how you think your life is going to go one way and God tugs on your heart and gives a bit of a different direction.  I’m an introvert so to be surrounded by 25,000 coaches in the network 2 years ago would of freaked me right out. However this time was spend meeting those that you communicate daily with in person.  You see these coaches end up becoming some of your best friends.

It's crazy to think how much my team has grown in a year!!  Last year I headed to Vegas all by myself to spread my wings and really came back home with my head down and ready to work.  The same thing happened again I came back with more life moments of things just clicking and truly seeing this company as just getting started. 
Last year we close down the strip in Vegas while 10,000 coaches workout with all the top trainers in the business.
This year Nashville has been taken over by 25,000 coaches early in the morning to catch a live workout with Sean T.
I'm a numbers girls
Do you see a pattern in growth?
As someone that is very familiar with investing into a traditional business stepping a little bit out of the box I w...
anted to invest my time into a company I knew was going somewhere.
If you look at the the past 6 years beachbody is not the number one MLM business. And I'm totally ok with that I would rather invest where there is stability in steady growth. Each year sales continue to increase at a great rate. Keep in mind "overnight" growth comes over "overnight" pitfalls.
Projected to end the year with over 400,000 coaches to keep it simple that's a lot of lives being changed physically and financially changed. This is just in the United States and Canada at this point in time and generating over 750 million this year in sales.

With tools being released this coming year like an app, new workouts, nutrition that is more specific to your needs that will boost your shakeology, there isn't a limit on where things will go.

Next we amazing training from other top coaches in the network.  We also had the opportunity to listen to some pretty incredible speakers during the general session trainings.  Simon Sinek, author and inspirational leader spoke to us the first day as well as Chalene Johnson.  Both had amazing experiences and tips on leadership and relationships.  On the second day National Geographic Photographer Dewitt Jones spoke and boy was his presentation AMAZING.  I think if you ask my husband if it was helpful he would say yes!!  Chalene Johnson told everyone to go home and give your spouse attention you know using most men's love language.

It was amazing to come back home and jump on a zoom call with my team and share everything that we learned.  The entire time was a great time to spend with my  personally sponsored coach/sister as well.  Yesterday in beachbody body land its payday
 A fresh week to help more people to live a healthier life as well as financially.  At the beginning of this year we both spent some time putting together goals for the year it's been such a blessing for Jeanette's family to have beachbody become a part of the household income. Jeanette leads with such passion in many areas of her life and today she shared her income is more then enough to c...
over their mortgage.
It's so much more then what you see at the surface and can truly change the course of your life.
I always say this it's heart and hussle
God always provides and sometimes takes you in a different direction then what you pictured.
Trust me we are two sisters that DO NOT have it all together but willing to share this opportunity with anyone
Everyday woman doing extraordinary things. 


Next week I'm thrilled to open this up to other to check out without a commitment just a place to put some fears aside and learn how this could change the direction of your life.  Listed below are some common questions that we will address.

*I don't know enough people
*I'm not fit enough to be a coach
*I don't have the time to make coaching successful
*I am not a healthy and fitness expert
*I am not a sales person and don't care to be the "crazy person" others hide from at Target
*There are too many coaches out there it's too late for me
*I don't like to work out from home, I prefer the gym
*Beachbody coaching is a pyramid scheme*I have no business experience

From this starting in August our team will be rolling out new training for coaches getting started right,  and would love to have you there via social media.  To checkout just what coaching is all about fill out this form and I will add you to Facebook and connect with you from there. 

I'm just like you a woman with big goals and dreams in life!!

Fill out my online form.
There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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