Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ultrasound day!!

Ultrasound day!!

Where did this pregnancy go??  I know I know from like week 25 to 35 it goes SLOW but this first half felt like it was just a few weeks.  I know we have a lot going on in our lives at the moment and just being parents of two others it goes by in a different kind of fast.  The kind you look around at the house and say its clean knowing it could be better but still good enough if one of the kids drop food on the ground and still decides to eat it, it’s all good.  Thinking today this will be the last ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby is bittersweet I truly love being a mom and would not trade it. 

Mom’s you will totally understand when you’re pregnant you are so excited but let’s face it, It can be downright tiring.  They dim the lights in the room and truly I could of fallen asleep however about 20 minutes in the tech confirmed we will be having a BOY!!  Everything went well and of course thrilled at the end of the 40 minutes to find out the sex of our unborn baby but to also find out he is doing well.

It’s funny I did what most first time moms do with the first born and have a ton of boy clothes.  Not so sure what Josie was dressed in the first year based on the fact that I have about 4 times as many clothes for a boy?  I can totally already see Josie and I needing to get out of the house and do girl things because the boys will be taking over. 

Mom’s with girls I’m not sure how you picked a name, boys names in my option are so much easier to decide on.  We have it narrowed down to 3 but of course will wait till the baby is born to share the name plus once we see out little prince making sure that the two go together.

Looking forward to a C-section in February and praying for a safe delivery and a quick recovery.  My husband will have his hands full but will do great while the new baby and I adjust.

Hummm….also if I could request this little bundle of joy sleeps that would be great!!

Hair?  I’m guessing yes both of our other kids where born with lots of dark hair and brown eyes.  But we will have to wait and see, based on the past and also my sisters kids we tend to have 10 lbs babies but who know this is!!
I love sharing my journey with everyone and can't wait to hold our bundle!!

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