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Meal planning and being pregnant

Meal planning and being pregnant

Ever get all set up head to the grocery store Sunday and plan in your head this is going to be the week I eat better and stay on track. You come home with healthier options but not much of a plan on what recipes to make or where to start? I find it so much more helpful to start with a plan then head to the store. This saves time, money, and unwanted meals that you might have leaned to without a plan.

My meal plans these days look a little different now that I’m in my second t...rimester however I still go for eating foods with ingredients I can pronounce, eliminating white flour and sugar, eating smaller portions meals 5 times a day and keeping the metabolism burning and recipes the entire family will eat.
I tend to eat the same things for a few days one it keeps it simple and it saves money by not buying so many different items.
The two biggest misconceptions are that eating better cost more money and takes more time. I disagree by having a plan my husband and I actually eat out way less and grab way less food on the go that actually off sets the price of shakeology every week. By taking 20 minutes to meal plan for the week on Sunday I’m not wasting time going to the store more than once. Plus taking another hour in the evening the food is prepped for the week. If you would like to be apart of an accountability group with meal planning built in to make life easier message for details  (click on image to read better).
Meal planning and being pregnant
Working out
After being pregnant 2 other times and not having healthy eating and exercise apart of my day I continue to pay it forward and help others.  Are you thinking about starting a family after the first of year or in the year 2015.  It's so worth the investment in yourself and your baby to start now and create a healthy habit that can continue.
I don't have all the answers but what I do know is: when it comes to losing weight doing it by yourself is never fun and can more often then not end up in discouragement or stopping before motivation kicks in.  In the online challenge groups I run my goal is to help you with your "why", creating an environment that sets you up for success.  I will discuss topics like emotional eating, eating out, traveling, temptations, late night snacking and more.  I will give you lots of my tips and tricks to keep you moving in the right direction. 


Meal planning and being pregnant

Check out my healthy version that literally took 2 minutes to make

*banana sliced in half...

*1/4 cup of frozen mixed berries placed in a glass dish for 1.5 minutes in the microwave
*A sprinkle of unsweetened coconut
I have a closed online support group where each day you will get a post from me, a video, or a tip to keep you motivated accountable and moving in the right direction.  I will help you plan out your meals, give you ideas, and help you stick to it.  You will be required to participate in the group discussions, get the challenge pack that includes both the shakeology and the workout program to maximize your results.  I find that when I incorporate shakeology that people get better results because it's one meal that they don't have to plan, portion out or wonder if they have the right combination of foods. This way, its a no brainer.  Then when the group is over you can decide whether or not to continue with Shakeology. 
Meal planning and being pregnant
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