Monday, October 20, 2014

Lessons learned in life

Lessons learned in life

Wow this past month has been a trial in life why because life does not always go as planned things that I thought were lined up changed due to circumstances out of my control. In case you don't know this about me I'm a planner, I plan my months, weeks, and days, always looking ahead and trying to see what bend is up ahead and plan ahead. I would say its strength as much as I enjoy going with the flow I always has this mental plan in the back of my mind.

Well like I said things in life don't always go as planned and left me wondering why now? Without getting into detail it was a great wake up call to realize if everything in life went according to "my plans" there would not be much room left to rely on God. Lesson learned!! No matter where you’re at in life what trial you have been handed there will always is a lesson to learn.

If you’re in the middle of a life lesson or feel at the end of your rope without options this recording could not have been better timing in life I listened 3 times in the last week while working out- Lessons learned in life

So moving forward how do you not only learn from a life lesson but keep in check what you learned? Well for me I'm visual and on my market board in the basement I created a rope and will look at it daily as a reminder no matter at what point I'm at on the rope that day I still need God. For sure listen to the above recording it will explain in great detail.


Always thankful at the end of the day I'm so thankful for:

 *My parents and Steve parents that live close to watch the kids on short notice.

 *A great report at the baby Dr. visit this week

 *Always being flexible

 *Guidance from God


Being pregnant is not always fun
Trying to find an outfit yesterday morning.....however pair it with cute boots and a smile I'm set.

Smile. Learn Life Lessons. Keep going



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