Friday, June 6, 2014

Ten Steps to Success

Ten Steps to success

For the past 2 months everything was lined up for us to move the only thing left was for the current owners to sign the papers.

 Truly this is the property of our dreams that has been in the makings for 3 years. But it totally does not makes sense at all in this moment that we are not moving forward but rather than trying to make sense of nonsense we will choose to see that it was just not meant for right now and continue to have wait.
 This is very hard for me...Yep even purchase furniture because i truly was under the impression that everything was falling into place and we would be moving this month.

Instead we are not... so two choices in life.... enjoy and be thankful no matter if the timing does not make sense or throw a pity party.
Choosing to be thankful

This book was just in my mail box today and both the kids took a later nap at the same time and for sure just what I needed to read. So I thought I would pull from what I learned and share with you.

Ten steps to success

Ten steps to Success

1.            See yourself succeeding- make a plan and a mental picture of yourself being successful.  Be specific, picture the setting, what you’re wearing, who else is present, and what you would be saying and doing. DON’T LET IT FADE!!  Keep looking at it every day!!  Your mind will try to complete what it pictures.  So only picture yourself succeeding never failing.  Take that successful picture yourself and put it on paper, the simple act of giving birth to the image of you “success story”.

2.            Cancel negative contractions- can’t, won’t, don’t whenever negative contraction comes to mind, immediately cancel it out.  Focus on the picture you drew of yourself succeeding and say positively “I can!!  I will!! I do!!”

3.            Deflate your obstacles and whip away trouble!!  When your obstacles seem fearfully large and looming let the air out of them.  Fear and worry are nothing more tangible than hot air!  When troubles come up in your life deal with it in an unemotional approach.  Refuse to give it more power than it deserves.   Turn on the wipers and watch it wipe away.  Who or what is in your way?  Let the hot air out and take the power of the obstacle away.  From now on, whenever you see this obstacle either in a person or in your mind, substitute and let the air out and move on.

4.            Don’t be awestruck by others-model them!!  Try to learn from and emulate the strengths you see in others.  Instead of viewing their accomplishments as are flection on your lack of achievement, use them as a model for your own success.

5.            Find a coach- enlists the help of someone with whom you can entrust your self-doubts to.  By asking them to help you bring your inner ghosts of inferiority to the surface, you will see those doubts and put them aside.

6.            Inventory what’s good about you!!  Trust in yourself and the things about you that are desirable and valuable to others, formulates a nonegoistic yet confident inner love for what you bring to the world that no one else has to offer.

7.            Perceive yourself as you wish others to see you- Your very own actions will cue others to the perception you wish to have them hold of you.  Speak bold and truth with confidence and others will see you have something to offer.

8.            Get the “imp” out of impossible!!  Instead read it as I’m possible.  By getting off your butt and taking the small steps needed every goal can be reached no matter how big and difficult it appears. Every mountain climber makes the ascent one small toehold at a time.  The first step is the hardest.

9.            LET GO, and let GOD!!  You have a powerful ally in every challenge you face.  Loosen your grip on those fears which suggest that you have to be solely in charge of your challenges.  Let your ally help with it, let go and let God.

10.          Look for God winks!!  The highway to what you believe to be your destiny may occasionally seem dark and lonely. But you’re never alone.  Get going and start looking for conforming signs that you are on the right path in your life.  You will soon see God winking at you in an answer to prayer, reaffirming that your life is being directed by his plan.
So no matter where your at in life know this there is a reason your in the pit or enjoying the ride.  If your feeling like your goals will never be reached try looking tot hese 10 points and remember in times of struggle your tested and if your willing to learn from it you will come out strong then when you went in.
If your riding along and life is good remember those times of feeling stuck and see who around you might need a hand.

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