Saturday, June 7, 2014

21 day update

21 day update

Wow can I just say I’m happy to back to meal planning the last 21 days I did the ultimate reset that was mainly vegetarian I felt like a fish out of water.  I’m glad I did it and had my husband a long side of me as well.  I tried foods I would have never tried before and my husband (4 cups a day) went 21 days with only 1 cup of coffee.  With that being said I feel in a rut with eating and every time that happens I go and look for new recipes.  So on this meal plan you will see spinach stuffed chicken as well as quinoa chicken.  Of course as I make those recipes I will share on my blog with all of you.  I’m a little bit of a rebel with the reset, for the 21 days you are so post to rest and do very middle workouts.  I missed getting all sweaty from the morning workout and feeling like I earned my shower!!  So yes I did add in middle workouts but miss the high intense workouts.  With Vegas less than two weeks away this week will be doubles for the 21 day fix.  I just wanted to throw this into the mix till Chalene Johnson’s PiYo workout is released on June 23, 2014.

21 day fix meal plan


The fix workouts are great for any fitness level truly I feel.   The moves are simple but man do you feel them for the following 24 hours.  With each workout being 30 minutes long it’s perfect for those short on time.  I have a saying hanging in my basement “Either you find the time for FITNESS or you find the time for ILLNESS”.  Man does that get me out of bed even when the kids did not sleep all night.  I want to set a good example to the one’s I love around me.
21 day fix

This week in our personal life as well has been a roller coaster after being lead to believe we would be moving into the house of our dreams the owners are unwilling to sign the papers.  We are left with purchased furniture (that will not fit in our house) and left waiting and wondering WHY?  Guess what I don’t know why but what I do know is we will trust in God and his plan might not look like what we had planned or thought was lining up.  Aside from moving, our Excavation business is growing into more than we ever dreamed.  Just yesterday my husband came home and said “this is what we worked so hard for 3 crews working in the woods”.  So at the end of a week and a new week right around the corner we have so we have so many blessings and have truly everything we need even when the house feels a little small.

21 day fix

We did enjoy some down time at the beginning of this week as my husband’s schedule allow.  I’m so blessed to be able to choose when I work as a beachbody coach.  I simply put things aside and spent time as families I don’t know of a lot of jobs that are as amazing as this opportunity.
21 day fix

Today as we reflect and plan for a new week I’m excited of all the new things that will unfold.  With that being said I always want to do it all and have found time management to be my friend with entering this phase of my life.  It came to the point 2.5 months ago were my husband said something needed to change either I needed to stop being a beachbody coach or we no longer run Fledderman Excavating with myself being the owner.  I was crushed I love what I do and set out to get a handle on time management.  So along with meal planning me also started to make a schedule for my days!!  Life saver!!  Yes with our phones in our hands 24-7 it's hard to unplug but I've manage to stay on task and in the moment of whatever project I'm working on.  I did research on how successful people operate and that is one of the key components to success being in the moment and being present.  Also my time put into beachbody is going to look different then someone that just want to make an extra 500-1,000 a month.  I set out with big goals at the beginning of the year so I'm wiling to invest the time needed now to create more freedom for our family.

time management
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