Sunday, June 7, 2015

What are you going to do with the barn?

What are you going to do with the barn?

Good morning!!  I was up early this morning and was thinking about the past week.  As others find out that we are moving to the location we will call home the first question everyone wants to know is what about the barn?  You see most know with our excavation business the equipment we have and maintain takes up a good amount of garage space on another location.  So most assume that our goal is to turn the main barn into a large shop.  No way!!  My husband and I have always shared a common thread of thinking and the entrepreneur in each of us says explore a new business.    So of course we knew and can envision a working farm with boarding horses have a horse for myself and the kids as well.  A place that has summer camp days and others will be able to come and ride as well.  A place where private riding lessons are given and show winning horses are trained.  A place we call home but others will call it home as well.  A place when the kids say I want to have chickens we jump in the truck and make it happen.  So no way will the indoor ridding arena be turned into our excavation shop.  This will be a working farm and we will be opening up an LLC called Windfall Farms!!  Yep the name is available that was one of the first things I looked into.

As I reflect a bit on life this morning a few things about the past that even makes myself question how we got here.  I really struggled in school I mean for real learning never came easy I was that student that had a hard time sitting in a traditional class room and hated learning from a book or someone preaching the material from the front of the room.  There were two classes that held my attention Math and woodshop.  I took the information I found was lifelong useful and applied it.  I know my parents prayed a lot that I would just graduate and I did however school to me was a waste of time but that’s what you do growing up.  Sorry I said that but it’s true in high school while others were planning out what party to head to for the weekend I was planning on what extra shifts to pick up on the weekend as a waitress.  In the back of my mind and what I want to encourage each of you to do is work off of what your strengths are.  Mine strengths were not academic but I always had this really strong work ethic and thought do a little bit more then the next guy is willing to do.  You can have all the brains in the world and be lazy and never do much with it.  Take time each day to reflect on what makes you get out of bed in the morning and is something that self-motivates you for me its working.  Everyone will be driven and created in a different way but God doesn’t make mistakes and everyone has a purpose.  It’s taking the time to find it and then use it.

Last night while recapping the day I also thought about how cool it was to see my sister and her kids show up as a surprise visit to help clean out the barn.  I little bit about our family two years ago I was having a hard time losing the baby weight and found a system that worked amazing and of course sharing it with those closes to me was important.  My sister Jeanette had this amazing transformation and after a local job with giving riding lesson and working with horses changed 15 months ago I suggest like 6 times she turn her story into a business and become a beachbody coach.  Here is the really cool thing about what we do as coaches is yes we help others reach their fitness goals but at the same time able to create more freedom with time.  If Jeanette was still working a traditional job jumping in the car and driving 2.5 hours would not be in the cards. There will be opportunities every day that can change the current situation and become life changing.


Whatever your dreams and goals might be in life know that persistent, hard work, and taking risk every day will eventually turn into something.  Timing is everything as well at any point in the past four years of working towards this big push goal I would have liked to call this farm home but it wasn’t in God’s time as hard as it can be to hear it’s true.  I can see how each piece was being put together to come together.  We grew up on a small farm with 40 acres and it was known by everyone that you can stop in and visit. This place we will call home as well will be a place others can stop in and enjoy as well.  Stay tuned to meet our first furry family member over the next few months.
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