Monday, June 8, 2015

Key Lime Shakeology Pie

Key Lime Shakeology Pie

Good morning!!  A new week and a new day is underway I've always been a morning person but the past few weeks pulling myself out of bed first thing is not the easiest.  Our mornings during the week are pretty standard I wake up workout before my mind tells me other wise.  Get my husbands coffee made he drinks chocolate shakeology and two very strong cups of coffee (keep in mind we have 3 child 3 and under) and for the past year I've been drinking chocolate shakeology as well.  After becoming pregnant last summer it was the only flavor my taste buds wanted.  Crazy how your body changes while being pregnant.  However this month with it being warmer and ready for a change I ordered Greenberry shakeology in the past I always drank it with frozen blueberries, ice, and water. 

Today's healthiest meal looked like this-

Key Lime Shakeology Pie
4oz plain Greek yogurt
1 scoop Greenberry shakeology
4 oz almond milk
1 tsp. raw honey
juice from half a lime
3 oz water

When you want this but know you need natural energy for the day I rely on shakeology.  Probiotics keeping this family healthy and my taste buds happy.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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