Friday, June 26, 2015

Healthy cereal for the kids

Healthy cereal for the kids

Hey there!  Weekends always remind me breakfast and enjoying family time along with that comes what to eat.  If your kids are anything like mine going to the grocery story leaves one wanting to stress eat.  As a busy mom of three and a husband that is fully committed to our excavation business grocery shopping is not a fun taste to do weekly.  However this past week I ended up in going with my mom!!  What a treat you know what I mean the banana and apples were not brown by the time we got home from getting stepped on.  So all the kids loved having grandma to themselves which left me searching the store and reading labels and looking at ways I can improve on what I feed the family.  I know from many clients they want to know what to look for in cereal and how to offer the best that is out there.  Sure there will always be “better” options however I like to find balance for my kids.  The main thing I like that these ones have to offer are:
No high fructose syrup
No artificial flavoring and preservatives
Sea salt
Organic whole grain wheat
Low sugar
Gluten free (peanut butter one)

Yes my 3 year old managed to put in the cart author cookies....

I must say I've tried all of them as well and they really do still taste good without all the added chemicals that most cereal contains.  I also enjoy cooking breakfast foods and found a new favorite pancake mix that only needs water added to it.

It's kind of crazy that they are made out of sweet potatoes and don't have a weird texture.  I know I know some "healthy" pancake mixes end up funky and more like a sponge on your plate then a pancake.  It was super fun to cook brunch for our house guest today and everyone that tried these really enjoyed them as well.  Ad them to the grocery list this coming week. Let me know what you think!!  The brand is arrowhead mills.

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