Saturday, June 20, 2015

On the move

On the move

Hey there!!  I know for some of you, you follow me for motivation and recipes and I LOVE doing that.  However there is an entire opportunity that comes with being able to share my story with others.  A little background about myself I was a waitress all through high school until age 27 when my husband and I made the choice I would stay home with our first born.  I loved working and liked the fact that when I was waitressing I was serving others and creating an income.  I hated building someone else dreams and hated working weekends but enjoy other angles of what a waitress does.  It might sound really crazy from the outside looking in but that is pretty much what I do as a beachbody coach.  I serve others, offer a service, train others to do the same, but here is the really cool thing from my kitchen table I'm making an impact.  It truly causes me to jump out of bed knowing the choice I made 22 months ago to step out of my comfort zone would make such an impact.  You see my entire life I struggle with self worth and always trying to be the best I could be.  As a coach because of being willing to put myself out there I'm inspiring others and their lives are impacted in a positive way.  Just this week a coach on my team went to a regular doctor check up and was able to come off of medication for high blood pressure.  She is someone that has been through a challenge group has an amazing transformation underway and is inspiring others to do the same.

A few other REALLY cool things about coaching when you put others first and wake up with a mindset of making a difference your income follows.  You will hardly hear me talk about income but what I do while my kids sleep and watch an afternoon show replaces the income of working as a waitress. 

I set my own pace!!  It's not like working for someone and I do the same thing with my coaches if they want to run with the business I'm there giving the tools needed to reach their goals.  If they truly just want a savings on shakeology that cool too (Who doesn't like a savings).  If your someone that just wants to help a few friends and family that's cool too and I will be able to guide you in that direction.

I don't have an "office" that I report into!!  That's the cool thing about a mobile office.  In the past month I've been able to continue to grow my business while packing up, moving, and getting a house and barn ready that has been empty for 8 years.  Yes I do plan my time very carefully but in this very short life I'm willing to do the things others will pass on to have more freedom 5 years from now.  Yes I made a quick training video while painting the new place!!


This is a business you can work from your phone from anywhere!! 
I was reading this morning about the perfect "career" and what it would look like
Here is the list given:
No boss
No commute
No alarm clock
No employees
No politics
No compromises
No discrimination
No education requirement
Here is what my "career" looks like as a coach:
Something positive
Great service
Unlimited income
Residual income
Enjoy people you work with
Time freedom
Something meaningful
Personal growth
Lots of perks (free trips)
Low risk (If you try it for a month and it's not for you no big deal you didn't invest $100,000)
Tax benefits (yes that includes shakeology)
Low start up cost (40 bucks)

What might hold you back?  A sense of taking a chance is involved anything great and worth while doing will take some kind of risk.  This type of business  your taking a risk on yourself.
I will be hosting a 3 day open house held online starting Monday the 22nd with no strings attached just a place to learn more about coaching and if it would be a good fit for you.  First if we are not already friends on Facebook send a friend request to:
From that just send a quick message let me know you would like to be added to the group. 
Or fill out this attached form
Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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