Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dust off your workout DVD's

Dust off your workout DVD's

Wow it’s hard to believe it’s been 21 days since wanting to start a routine of waking up at 5:00 am to workout.  It was not easy the first week at all between having a new baby, breastfeeding, our son having growing pains a few nights, it was something I’m thankful to have made happen however accountability was super helpful.  I wanted to offer a FREE 7 day accountability group to others wanting to create a new habit.  Maybe you see my morning post and would love to create a routine again but getting start is another story.  Perhaps you invest in work outs in the past but never really got started because you lacked accountability this FREE 7 day group is for you.


Each morning there will be a morning post within the online close Facebook group I’ve created with tips on getting started, motivation, going into a little but about clean eating, sharing recipes, tips on finding the best time of the day to work out for you it might be at 5:00am like it is for me.  Motivation from other woman wanting to create a habit as well.  The cool thing is, it’s taking a resource you already have in your home and making use out of it.  With summer right around the corner it’s time to jump start getting the booty back into shape. 

Questions you might have

Does it have to be a beachbody DVD?  No not at all it can be any type of workout program
What if I just want to start walking and need motivation can I join? Yes

I want to start training for a 5k can I join?  Yes

What are the requirements?  *The only requirement is that you have a free team beachbody account created
Once I see you created a free account I will add you to the group!!  We start April 20th CREATE FREE ACCOUNT
 **IF you currently work with a beachbody coach please contact them
**  Also send a Facebook friend request to-
Looking forward to jump starting a new habit together!!

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