Sunday, January 19, 2014

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix

It's here!!  Almost February 3, 2014 will be the release of the next hottest workout program.  I love the fact that beachbody is always out searching for ways to meet there customers needs, so you asked and beachbody delivered.  So what is the 21 day Fix all about? It is a rapid weight loss program that is designed to give you  a nutrition guide with portion controlled containers, a workout program, plus the support and accountability of me as your coach!

21 Day Fix

I know I'm not alone in the fact that eating clean is not enough and for sure you can over eat on healthy food.  I'm guilty of this for sure and the color containers make it so simple to stay on track if it does not fit in the container for the day save it for the next day!!  30 minute workouts!!  AWESOME!!

So what else can I offer you when you choose to have me as your beachbody coach?  You get to be a part of a test group for just this workout with free support and energy from others doing the same workout.  Plus I will be right beside you along that 21 days.  I will be starting the group February 10th, and we will start working out February 17th.  But to insure a spot in the group Register a Free account so that I can send the details to you on how to snag this workout before it's sold out.  And can I just add the price of this is out of this world.  Not only did beachbody make this amazing program come together but also they will have it at an introductory price that is going to be EXTREMLY affordable.

21 Day Fix

So what is the cost of the online challenge group?  It's FREE!!  After you have made the commitment to the purchase of a challenge pack and assigned me as your coach, I will then give you more details of what you can expect from the online closed group.  What is a challenge
pack?  The 21 day nutrition guide, the program guide, the workouts, free shipping, discounted price, and of course you have me as your coach to keep you going with additional support and guidance. 
It does take money invested on your end, but when you invest in the program I invest in you.  I will give you the support needed to make this time different it's 21 days and in that time results will HAPPEN!!  Are you in?

Did you tell yourself that 2014 was going to be your year?  The year you made lasting changes?  Are you ready to commit to change for 21 days?  Are you ready to have your own transformation? 
21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix Dream Team Test Group

If you would like to be in the 21 day fix test group please complete the information below to reserve a spot in the exclusive group!

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