Sunday, March 29, 2015

My progress with clean eating

My progress with clean eating

Ahhhh when I woke up this morning it hit me it’s been 6 weeks since I took my first set of before pictures with a newborn baby beside me.  A little bit about myself this will actually be my second transformation with clean eating, working out, accountability from online challenge groups, and drinking shakeology every day.  After I had our second child about two years ago I could not lose the baby weight, I was working out like crazy and the weight was not going anywhere.  So let’s just say taking these before pictures this time around was not as nerve racking to think about failing at this.  I knew going into this 6 weeks ago I would not be perfect with eating, I would not be able to work out till this past week, I would be tired, but staying the same was not an option.  I told myself I would not be hard on myself I tend to want to give everything I do my best and like most when it comes to weight loss I want it to happen yesterday.  Day one last Monday of working out!! 

My progress with clean eating

I made a choice to take measurements, before pictures, and only weight myself once a week.  Two weeks ago I stepped on the scale like most feeling good about the choices I made in the last seven days only to find I lost ONE lbs.!!  However in the same day my pants kept falling down!!  I measure progress in many forms.  So what other ways do I measure progress and teach my clients to do the same.  This is a great visual to keep in mind as your on your own journey, if you know your eating healthy and putting the time into exercising muscle takes up way less space than fat.  So ladies PLEASE use the scale as only one form of measuring your own journey.
My progress with clean eating

 1. Sleeping so much better

2. Able to stick to 5:00am workouts the last week

3. My skin overall looks more clear just with eating better

4. I feel happier over all because as a mom I’m carving out time every day for myself

5. I have soooo much more energy even with a newborn
My progress with clean eating

So inches lost total in 5 weeks of clean eating one week of doing a workout called the 21 day fix.

10 inches lost total!! 

5 inches from the waist

2 inches from the chest

3 inches from the hips

My legs and arms have stayed the same in the last 6 weeks

Oh the scale says I’ve lost 9 lbs. in 6 weeks (but like I said that’s at the bottom of my list on how I measure progress)

Here are by progress pictures as well


 I always say a picture says everything!!  I might have complained to my husband this week about being sore, waking up first thing in the morning might have been hard, focusing on what I was eating and planning ahead was not convenient, however today seeing these pictures makes it all worth it.  Being able to have confidence as a mom, energy to keep up with the kids, knowing I’m investing in my own health, makes it all worth it. I wanted to real quick share my pictures 15 weeks post having baby #2 keep in mind I was breastfeeding as well (like I am now), I was dead tired, working out for about 6 weeks burning 500 calories a day, and nothing was happening this is way I'm so passionate about helping others that feel stuck on their weight loss journey. 


 Yes it cost money to get started and feel this way but in my eyes it’s an investment we tent to invest in our homes, cars, kids, family, etc. but will find every excuse why we can’t invest in our own health.   What I know to be true as a coach for the past 18 months is it’s not about the money it’s the reason behind putting up a wall and not trying something new.  Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of drinking shakeology?   Are you afraid of the changes that will have to take place?  Are you afraid of what the heck clean eating is?  Guess what I know how you feel I felt the same way.  Fear has a way in our lives of holding us back from our full potential.  I ask you today to put fear aside and take a chance on yourself.  I’m personally going to be starting with a workout program called Insanity Max 30 and I would love to chat with you on what would be the right fit for you.  My goal as a coach is to listen to where you’re at and help you reach your personal goals.  I look forward to getting fit with you.  My next online accountability group start April 6th the Monday after Easter and I have a spot saved for you.  Fill out this application and let’s chat.
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