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How I started

How I started with Beachbody

This is honestly one of the number one questions I get.  How did you get connected with beachbody?  How are you apart of the number 1# team in beachbody?

So for most they have heard of programs like Insanity, P90X, or T25 but what most does not realize that there is a complete business end to beachbody called teambeachbody.  So often times someone sees an infomercial on TV for one of these workouts and goes on to beachbody's website or calls to place an order.  What the CEO realized back before the recession in the early 2000's was that people were buying the programs but not sticking with it so teambeachbody was create for customers that love the programs and products to create an income from.  It was natural why not have normal people promoting their products vs some 17 years old at a store that has never done the program.

beachbody coaching

So like most I was on Facebook and used it mainly to peak around at others’ lives and to put pictures of our family on.  One day I saw a friend of mine post that she was joining an online challenge group and I had known idea what is was but I was happy for her since she was a busy mom that wanted to loss the baby weight.  At the time I was pregnant with our second child, and 90 days later this same friend posted that she had amazing results from a challenge group and was now her lowest adult weight.  I comment about how awesome that was and cognates on your progress her coach sent me a friend request I had no idea who she was but she seemed normal with 2 little ones and a husband. 

So YES I followed my coach for almost 7 months I saw others were having awesome results from her challenge groups and noticed they were drinking shakeology.  Great I gave birth to our second child and was cleared to start working out.  I purchased a used beachbody program and a bag of shakeology.  I was set right???

Oh my goodness no!!  Always ask for help I'm so bullheaded and should of just asked for help, I thought the shakeology tasted like crap  (I had no idea how to make it) and the workouts was not the right fitness level for someone that just had a baby.

So more time went on and I had a wedding to be in May, I was running on the treadmill burning 500 calories a day and was just burned out, not having results, felt hopeless, tired, and needing to make a change.

So I reached out for help and asked her coach what was all involved in a challenge group she said a requirement was to drink shakeology daily!!!  Oh man but I committed to it and we worked together to find the right workout for a beginner.  From day one I was ready I took every piece of advice and applied it at the end of the 90 days I had an awesome transformation from the inside out and wanted to share it with others.

cChalean Extreme womans results

So yesterday it hit me, what if I would have never taken this OPPPRTUNITY that sits right in front of us.  This really is the chance to take either path, you could go to the left or stay on the path that everyone else is on (the comfy path).  The right side is safe and for sure has a set of guarantees, you won't lose a lot and you will have your needs covered.  BUT that is just doing life average but as time goes on you will find yourself wondering what the other road is all about and if you choice to stay were you’re at or follow a road that is unknown.

beachbody coaching

On the left hand side it's all unknown; the road will have sharp turns, bumps, and a few bridges (you might get your feet wet).  You might even be hit by a road block that will knock you on your butt, but you will dust your paints off and keep on going.  But each time you make a choice to stay on the left and build to become a stronger person your business grows also. 

We all have choices we make each day.  What road are you going to pick?  Well I am here to offer this same opportunity to lead you down a road that is a little more dusty but well worth the rewards.

beachbody coaching

This can truly be a day that you make a choice to try something new.  Fear will hold you back but at the same time fear will lie and tell you can't do this; if I can do this anyone can do this.  It takes being teachable, seeing the bigger picture, willing to set a strong foundation, and having a designer to help others.


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