Saturday, April 5, 2014

7 things in life that makes life easier

7 things in life that makes life easier

So at this point in my life these here are 7 must haves that makes each day run a little more smoother!!  And as life changes a few of these will change as well.

1. Under Armour Sports Bra
I'm not sure if this would be on everyone's list but with working out and needing GOOD SUPPORT.  This brand has amazing sports bras with the support I need.
2. Glow in the dark pacifier

Our little miss Josie loves a pacifier at night and is for ever throwing it!!  And since the kids share a bedroom the worst thing is to turn the light on to find the pacifier  normous times as the night goes on.  This allows us to have a few in the bedroom and then we can locate them quickly!!  I wish I would of had these with the first child!!

3.  Gel highlighters

Oh yes this simple dollar item is on my list of making life easier.  I've been reading a lot and being able to highlight and come back to is awesome what is even better when one of the kids gets a hold of a gel highlighter they are un able to make a mess with it like a traditional highlighter.

4. Shakeology

Of course this is going to be on my list!!  Fast food on the counter is how I like to refer to shakeology, even with meal planning and buying healthy foods I'm still not able to get the nutrition I need from healthy foods you eat at the store or foods and how they are grown has changed.  There are so many products on the line and fore sure check each one out very closely before using.

5. dr. scholl's jel pillow

This pillow is amazing and worth every penny!!  A little more pricy then a regular memory pillow but soooo worth it.  My husband and I both have these pillows and for sure sleeping with a good pillow can make the world of difference.  So when my head does finally hit the pillow at night this is how we roll.  We purchased our at a Wolf's furniture store so we could try them out first.

6. City Elite double stroller

I'm so excited for spring to finally be here, we purchased this stroller last summer used for an awesome deal and could not be more happy with how it goes on sidewalks and uneven ground.  The thought of picking out a "good" stroller and the right one for many needs stressed me out but after lots of research this was the one we keep coming back to.  My first stroller was a BOB jogging stroller and I loved that!!  Both are bulky for putting in the car but worth the smooth pushing. You can lock the front wheels as well a nice feature.

7. Clinique Bronzer

Most days I would love to say I have time to do my hair and put my makeup on.  The truth is that's the last thing I think about trying to get the family out the door, so just a quick color of shimmer to my face and I'm ready to take the day on!!

At this point in your life what makes your life easier?  What are those things you do and buy just to make the day run smoother?  Please share!!  From one mom to another we need to know all of those hidden secrets.

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