Thursday, September 10, 2015

Snip-Its of Life

Snip-Its of Life

Hey there!!  As I was spending the afternoon cleaning out stalls in the barn and taking care of the livestock I had time to think about the last month.  If you follow me you know a few things, my family is super important, I love anything country with class, enjoy being a business owner, and enjoy stretching the limits in life.  About four years ago taking that jump into being an entrepreneur has been well worth it but to be honest I still struggle with my best is just not enough.  And I know many others struggle with this being a mom there is a lot of pressure put on us from all angles.  Even my workouts have to be all in jumping higher, running faster, etc.  I decided to take a step back and for the past few weeks enjoying a low intensity workout call Piyo.  And you know what just like in life higher faster is not always the only way and the best way.  There are points in life you will go all in and points in life where you step back reevaluate where you’re going.  
Having our two horses while working out outdoors makes Piyo even more relaxing!!
Snip-Its Motivation
Feed your fears and your faith will starve
Feed your faith and your fears will.
Max Lucado
We all have fears and some might look something like this:
Fear of failing...

Fear of the unknown
Fear of what the cost will be
Fear of what others will think
Fear of our best not matching up to others
For me it's a consistent fear my best is never enough by nature I want to put my all into something and it's easy to get distracted by others. Put the blinders on there will always be others that are faster, smarter, make it look easier.
Focus on your own personal growth and find your purpose
We all have fear
But here is the good news
We all have faith
The question is which emotion will you allow to be stronger?


Snip-Its Life
About 11 days ago I packed the kids up and went to our favorite feed store to pick out fruit trees. Turns out this is a great time of the year to plant them.

Two years ago I missed working you know wanting to create something that was my own (beyond the traditional business). It would be silly to work for someone else and would not work with our traditional business and my number one priority our kids. So I looked into what a coa...
ch really did and how it could fit our lifestyle. Two years later and I have an amazing team of coaches and the cool part is having my sister in this as well. she brings the leadership mindset I bring the business mindset and together it's been pretty cool to watch grow.

I could not help but think of this while getting ready to put these bad boys in the ground. Not having to check with my husband to spend money on a project that will bring plenty of memories. Being able to be as creative and truly have fun while working when the kids sleep.

If you're looking for something more in life and would love to do some projects around the house why
not you?

Creating a system for new coaches and helping them succeed as well as creating other leaders.
Snip-Its Family
My parents met in a barn when my mom was 14 years old!! My dad came to take pictures of her horse.
You could say that was just the beginning
We moved to a 40 acre farm when I was just 4 years old
It was the kind or place shoes were optional and no matter who visited everyone was welcomed
We always had a few ponies and did 4-H as kids...

The station wagon and horse trailer got us from point A to B
When my parents decided to put the farm up for sale last year it was super hard for my sisters and I.
Thankful the little slice of heaven we grew up did not sell right away
It’s been a transition over the past year
Now being able to create new memories at a new farm
Already one broken bone on the dirt bike
Snip-Its Birthdays
Happy 4th birthday to our little man
Of course it seems like yesterday it felt like the hottest summer ever!! I was waitressing at the time and Clint just kept growing with no real reason to come. Ahhh he was born by c-section weighing 10 lbs! !
Steve has named all of our kids and his name was decided very quickly on Clint.
For 4 years his sleeping has been....well let's just say thank God its get...ting better.
He's one determined little guy that wants to know exactly how everything works.
He's probably the only child this age when your making plans he needs to "check his work schedule ".
Loves his cowboy boots and will not wear anything else even during the summer.
♡♡ seeing him growing up

Snip-It Dinner time
Do you have a husband that likes to see "meat and potatoes " for dinner every night? And your trying to eliminate making multiple meals just to feed everyone?

This is a solution dinner》》
I can't get away with salmon too often and the meal still needs to have potatoes so it's coconut oil in a pan with regular potatoes for my husband and sweet potatoes for myself for homemade french fries.

The kids love corn and salmon

I have a wonderful "healthy" meatloaf recipe on my blog that happens to be a big hit.
So it's a winner!


I hope your snip-its in life make you smile fill the soul and make an impact on those around you in a positive way.  Take deep breaths while cleaning up after your little one's, one day it truly will be just that a snip-it of your life.  As always live life to the fullest and make every day count!!

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