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Almond Joy Shakeology

Almond Joy Shakeology

Hey there!!  I'm excited to share with you my new favorite shakeology recipe!!  But first I could not help but share a few details on shakeology to help others see the full value in the meal replacement.  This past weekend I was outside our newly purchased farm and two older men pulled up and knew the original owners of the place.  We went on to talk and they asked "If my dad was around" ummm nope I'm the owner.  It kind of made me giggle but coming from a mom of three little one's that hasn't slept in 4 years, never wears make, but some how finds the time to workout and eat clean 80% of the time--Cool!!

So prior to budgeting in $3.33 a day for my shakeology I was tired, my skin DID NOT look like this, my hands hurt all the time, and a headache almost every day.  I truly believe in living life to its fullest and I CLEARY could not do so two years ago.  I was afraid of shakeology like for real, what if I'm hungry?  I breastfeed what is in shakeology is it safe? 

We all know and fall into the "Diet Cycle" and it really makes sense with the way that I used to do things!  The Recommended Daily Allowance of Calories for many of us is somewhere around 2,000.  So if we want to lose weight, we are going to have to create some sort of calorie deficit by eating less and also burning off x amount of calories through exercise.  We have ALL had those Mondays where THIS IS THE DAY that we are going to "do better". Crap by Tuesday at 2:00 pm I'm hungry and want to eat everything in site.  We begin to eat less and try to make more healthy choices.  We become more active.  After 5-7 days we can see some progress and we are really excited!  By 10-14 days it all begins to catch up with us.  We are just plain TIRED.  We are asking our bodies to do more with less.  We have hit a nutrient deficit and this comes across as cravings.  We may become irritable and grouchy.  The cravings escalate and as we give in to a few of them, we may go overboard and then wind up feeling guilty.

So how can shakeology become a game changer for your health?  When looking at meal replacement shakes, you want to make sure that you are avoiding soy.  Soy is a cheap filler.  It interrupts digestion and lowers our immune system.  Avoid artificial sweeteners.  There are so many studies which show that they actually stimulate our appetite and increase insulin production in our body.  You also want to steer clear of artificial flavors.  After some time of eating clean, our taste-buds will be retrained to where we are truly able to appreciate natural flavors like never before!  

Shakeology is like 6 trips to the salad bar with good nutrition but for around 150 calories. 

Shakeology is full of super-foods!  In short, super-foods strengthen our immune system.  They repair our GI system so that digestion improves and we are able to absorb nutrients.  This also promotes regularity in that department!  Super-foods reduce chronic inflammation and that is crazy-important!  Inflammation destroys cells and leaves us at risk for all sorts of disease.  I know of so many people who used to deal with painful inflammation-related conditions (myself being one of them) and they are significantly reduced  through the use of Shakeology!  Many chronic diseases are preventable or at least slowed with better food choices and exercise.  Taking shakeology and giving it a 30 day trial to see what the superfoods will help with is worth trying, how will you know unless you give something a whirl!!

Here is the almond joy recipe
Almond Joy Shakeology

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