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Success Trip 2016

Success Trip 2016

Living in Pa today the temperature happens to be around 15 degrees!!  And snow blowing around the house, to sit down and write a blog about the sunny warm weather is refreshing.  I know for a lot of families once you become parents family vacations go out the window they just happen to get cut in the family budge.  How would it feel to help better others with their own quality of life while earning this free trip?
Headed to Jamaica & Haiti March 12th-17th 2016

Success Trip 2016

So why is no the time to become a beachbody coach?

Because right now not only is beachbody offering this amazing FREE trip to coaches willing to help three people a month within challenge groups but offering double success club points towards the trip.  To most of you that means nothing so I will break it down.  Basically it means your earning not only the trip for free but free spending money while you’re there.  Stop and think about your coworkers, baby sitter, Aunt Kelly, a good friend that just had a baby, the hair dresser, and so on that could benefit from support from an online challenge group mixed with great nutrition and an at home fitness program?

Success Trip 2016

Most successful coaches either work full-time or tend to have a lot going on in life but end up finding a passion in helping others.  How do you know if you would be good at it?  Well first it starts with taking a chance, 18 months ago I had no idea if I could do it and truly enjoy being an introvert, could this work for me?  YES!!  It totally did and I have an amazing team of coaches that share the same vision in helping others.  With that being said out of 250,000 coach in 18 months I’ve been able to be in the top 3% of the company, I don’t say that to brag but rather inspire you that if you have a will to change not only the lives of others while changing your own life this could be a good fit.  Once you commit to being a coach you will be enrolled into a 60 day coach basics group to learn the basics of how to run challenge group, expand your network, generate income, goal setting, time management, how to share not sell and how to create balance in life while building a beachbody business. 

Success Trip 2016
Just a few activities that will be available

So with this crazy thing called helping 3 people a month also comes free customer leads each month.  I wanted to share a post from a coach on my team from this past week, she is not just anyone she is, my sister.

"I love my business and God is so faithful! Story time!
Last night I was paying bills online and also wrote out the check for our tithe so that I could take it with us to church this morning. We set aside a regular percentage that we give to God's work through our local church. Of course, coming off of Christmas and a birthday, writing checks this time of the year can feel like "one more thing"! But tithing is a given for us and I don't give it a second thought.
When you are a Team Beachbody coach, there are certain milestones that you can reach each month. When you do, you receive bonus customer referrals the following month. These are people who may have watched an infomercial or whatever and decide to improve their health and you are assigned to them as a coach. This is a great company and I appreciate their generosity towards us coaches as we build our own businesses. Anyways, overnight I had one new referral and earned commission from that and it was a nice bonus this morning. But then there was another referral that ordered quadruple the typical referral order! I was blown away AND thankful this morning when I woke up to a GREAT surprise this morning! God supplies our needs and we never know how HE may choose to go about it!
I have been coaching for 10 months now I really, really enjoy working with my challengers! It is very rewarding to wake up each day and be able to hit the ground running with helping others who are making great strides in changing their own health. I so enjoy people and their stories and giving them the tools and cheering them on along the way! The results can be pretty fantastic! It is because a lot of what I do goes back to the basics of eating right and exercising. We just add in knowledge, accountability and encouragement and then things really come together. I love my challenge groups and can't imagine life without them!"




Success Trip 2016
Over the next week I will be in touch with those wanting change in their lives and wanting to help others do the same.  If being a coach sounds like a good fit for you apply below to be considered for the next smart start coach basics group to learn the in's and out's of coaching to insure your own success.   Also to insure your name goes on the list when it goes live is very important NOW is the time to sign up.
Fill out my online form.
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